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About Us

The Katzen Team is comprised of:

Matthew Amico

Peter Burval

Karen Davidson

Kelsey Martin

Amanda Paul

Lisa Reneau

Lancelot Watson-Taffe

Maggie Zaharoiu

Su-en Wong

The members of the Katzen Team are not simply brokeringtransactions, but serving as advisers for one of the largest asset classes inthe world. Given real estate often is the single largest exposure in ourclients' asset portfolios, and where they raise their families, we understandthat real estate dealings are extremely personal and often emotional. Our goalis to bring an expertise, diligence and sensitivity that is commensurate withthe importance of real estate to our clients, eliminating the stress andunknown in order to elevate the experience of property acquisition.

Led by Frances Katzen, the Katzen Team has made Douglas Elliman's prestigious "Top 10 List" of most productive agents in New York City foralmost a decade running. The Team also ranks in the top 1% of all agents nationwide.Comprised of an elite, professional, and dynamic group of brokers whospecialize in domestic and international real estate, the Katzen Team serves a sophisticatedclientele with an expertise in creative marketing, positioning, and keennegotiating tactics. While we apply a customized approach to our business, inall cases we understand the importance of discretion, efficiency, and premium service.

Negotiating the best price and finding properties thatperfectly meet the needs of our clients has been the staple of our success.However, Frances also has the highest commitment to openness, integrity, andhonesty, which is shared by every member of her Team. It is not enough tosimply produce at a high level; every broker on the Katzen Team must becommitted to the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards.

Every member of the Katzen Team has a sharp and detailedmemory for real estate trends, building and neighborhood histories, salescomparables, and pricing data. While we understand that every property isdifferent and must be approached as such, a deep understanding of the marketfrom both a current and historical perspective is critical in developing theright transactional strategy. Often we can see through the complexities andstress of the situation, and focus our clients on the critical pros, cons, andpotential of any property.

Our clients often take comfort in our transparency andguidance through every step of the process. This takes the "unknown"out of a process with which many people are unfamiliar. As such, we not onlytell our clients what we recommend, but make sure they understand ourrationale. We also assist in every aspect of the transaction, from recommendingand liaising with legal representation and mortgage providers, to setting upany staging or contracting needs that might improve the sale.

For sellers, we work with clients to develop creative andmodern marketing strategies that accentuate the highlights of the property.This not only ensures maximum exposure, but targets the right type of wellqualified buyers. As a result, the Team has earned a reputation as re-positioningagents that get the job done, often on properties where other agents have not.

For buyers, we really listen to the client and focus on whatis important them. This goes well beyond basics like size, neighborhood, andprice. In addition, a property is not always what it may seem. Thus, we arevery diligent in making sure potential property is fully vetted, and the clientknows the pros and cons of the unit both now and down the road.

We truly view our client relationships as long termcommitments. We believe this is built on honesty, hard work, premium service,and superior results. Through this philosophy we have earned the trust of ourclients, and their repeat business and recommendations are as high a complimentas a broker can receive.




At Douglas Elliman Real Estate

485 Madison Ave

New York, NY 10022

Office: 212.350.8575

Mobile: 917.705.1864





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